Why female crime writers write the most violent novels

Posted on | Thursday, July 19, 2012 | No Comments

It's hard for me to read the works of celebrated writers such as Val McDermid and Mo Hayder not because their novels are boring, far from it. Rather, I have difficulty stomaching the graphic violence present in their books, particularly McDermid's Tony Hill novels. The TV series "Wire in The Blood" (based on the Tony Hill novels) captured me from day one and I decided to try reading one of the novels. But the violence and bloodshed proved too much for me and I never finished the book. 

I've often wondered why women writers relish such violence (I keep violence to a minimal in my own stories), what draws them so to the gruesome and macabre? Or perhaps I need to "get used to it" (have yet to attack Stieg Larsson's trilogy, which I hear is pretty graphic as well)? 

The Daily Mail has a piece today which sheds some light on why women writers are so fond of violence. Read it here.


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